2017 BoTW Spring Classic 
On-Line Registration
Once we have your team registration fee, we will create a link for your players.  The players can then register online. They will simply click on their team's name link in the correct division below. This will take them to your team's player registration link. If your team does not have a link, please contact us at bestofthewestlv@gmail.com AND botwlv@yahoo.com.  We will build a link for your team right away.

Deadline for Team Online Registration is January 24, 2017.

Deadline for Individual Player Online Registration is February 17, 2017.

ALL individual players are also required to fillout and submit a 2017 BoTW Player / Parent Waiver and Release Form prior to participating in the tournament. These forms should be fillout by parents and collected/turned in by Coaches/Managers PRIOR to teams playing their first game.

The links at the bottom of the page will allow each player to register.  Managers can email us at bestofthewestlv@gmail.com  to get a list of your registered players at any time.  

Please pay your team registration fee using our online payment system. Complete by using the Coaches / Managers ONLY: Team Registration Link provide below. 

Click on the Blue "Team Registration 2017" link. Enter the FULL Team name in the "Adult Last Name" box provided (i.e Palo Verde Varsity, OR Palo Verde JV, etc) and click on SUBMIT. Select "Create New Account". This input will become the Adult #1 Last Name. For Adult #2, please enter the name of the Manager or Coach name who completed the registration and will be used for future coordination. (i.e. Jane Lane). The Primary email should be that of the Manager, the secondary email should be that of the team Head Coach. All phone contact information should be that of the person who completed the online registration and will be used for future coordination.

The fee to register your team is $200.00. BoTW requires that teams also fill out and mail a Team Registration Form to:

 Gary Campo
C/O Best of the West Lacrosse
7500 West Lake Mead Blvd. #C9
Box 445, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Teams planning to additionally pay individual player fees by check instead of players paying online are REQUIRED to completely fillout and submit the Team Registration Form  providing all player(s) Information.

ALL payments by check should be made payable to: Best of The West Lacrosse

This needs to be completed and delivered to BoTW no later than January 24, 2017.

REMINDER: Individual player fees are $75.00 PER player. This is IN ADDITION to the $200.00 per team registration fee.

NOTE: TEAM Entry fees are to be paid by each team your club plans to enter.  If you are bringing two teams, each team must pay a separate entry fee. Click on the link below to access registration for your team fees. 

Use the following link to register your TEAMS for the 2017 BoTW Tournament.

Coaches / Managers ONLY: Team Registration     (NOW CLOSED)

Player registration links are added as Coaches/Managers complete team Registrations.  

Please email us at bestofthewestlv@gmail.com AND botwlv@yahoo.com if you have registered your team but don't see Individual Player links below.
2017 Men's High School
A and B Divisions
2017 Women's High School
A and B Divisions
2017 Boy's Middle  School
Division U-15
2017 Boy's Middle  School
Division U-13

Bobcats U-15
Brady's Bunch U-15 Family 12
Brady's Bunch U-15 Value 12
Del Webb U-15
Faith Lutheran U-15A
Faith Lutheran U-15B
Oneida U-15
Oregon Pride 2021
Rough Riders
True Utah Elite U-15
True Utah Black U-15
Utah Outlaws U-15
Venom LC 2021
VI Islanders U-15
Vimy Lax U-15

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